Télescope avec étui en cuir – Laiton


Position: Belt
Fittings: Leather Tie String
Size: One-Size
Weight: 95 gram/3.35 oz
Length: 15,0
Width: 4,5
Height: 4,5
Diameter: 3,5
Strap Length: 45,0
Strap Width: 0,5
Material 1: Brass
Material 2: Top-grain leather

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UGS : IF-201835 Catégories : ,


You’re the first to spot the sails o’ a ship on the horizon, and so the chase begins. You and your crewmates have a reputation as the most formidable pirates on the sea, and it’s time to defend your title.

You board the merchant’s ship with your cutlass at the ready. They have heard o’ your flag before, and so they be surrendering smartly. Good. This be easy loot! You and your crew pack what plunder you can find before a Royal Navy ship can come along, but as you pass the miserable captain you notice the leather pouch on his belt. You imagine it filled with coins as you snatch it from the man.

Even better than coin, you find a mighty fine Telescope inside!


Epic Armoury’s Telescope with a Leather Pouch is an extendable telescope made from brass and finished with top-grain leather. The telescope extends to 16 cm length and is functional, providing 2x magnification.

The telescope comes with a fine leather pouch in brown leather. The pouch is tied shut with a leather cord, keeping the telescope safe even when you are most active. Attach the pouch to a belt or vest thanks to a leather strap fitted securely on its back.


  • The word telescope was coined by Greek mathematician Giovanni Demisiani
  • First known telescope was invented in the Netherlands in the early 17th century
  • Telescopes work by collecting visible light using glass lenses and/or mirrors


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