Noble Sword – 110 cm


Core: Ø 10 mm Solid Fibreglass Rod
Weight: 350 grams / 12,35 oz
Length: 110,0
Grip Length: 18,5
Blade Length: 80,0
Blade Width: 5,5
Crossguard Widt: 19,5
Handle Circ: 11,5
Material 1: Soft EVA Foam
Material 2: Latex


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snug over your gambeson. Then you are handed your piece-de-resistance: the Noble Sword. You paid top coin for this sword, and you expect people will be impressed when they see how it shines on the battlefield.

Your blacksmith assured you that the Noble Sword’s design was both effective and awe-inspiring, and you’re one to agree. You are a mighty warrior, indeed, to be the owner of such fine craftsmanship. A fitting symbol of your godly-given status.


This bestselling Epic Armoury Noble Sword is a longsword with a distinctive rapier-inspired hilt. The sword is 110 cm long from point to pommel, with a slim 85 cm double-edged blade. The piece-de-resistance is the cross-guard: a supported bar to catch slashing strikes and a mesh of elegantly circled wire to stop thrusting attacks. The long handle is wrapped in black split-leather and allows one or two-handed use, and is topped by an elegantly carved pommel.

This longsword has the look of a classical renaissance sword and can be used in almost any setting you require, especially if you are looking for refinement or the look of a seasoned veteran.


  • Commonly referred to as a “broadsword,” which is actually a historically incorrect term
  • Similar to the “cut & thrust swords” popular in the late 16th century, but with a longer handle


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