Fier-à-Bras -75 cm


Core: Ø 8 mm Solid Fibreglass Rod
Weight: 228 gram / 8.04 oz
Length: 75,0
Grip Length: 16,0
Blade Length: 56,0
Blade Width: 5,0
Crossguard Widt: 13,0
Guard Depth: 2,5
Handle Circ: 9,0
Material 1: Polyurethane foam
Construction: Moulded

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You fight for your king, your god, and your country. The fools who believe in change–in the distribution of power to those undeserving and inexperienced–shall know your sharp wit and even sharper Swashbuckler cutlass.

While you might not dream of soiling your best outfit in battle, you don the appropriate finery and mount your steed. Raising your sword high, you encourage your fellows onward into the fray.


Stronghold’s Swashbuckler cutlass is a medium cutlass inspired by naval swords. The sword is 71 cm long and has a 52 cm curved blade that widens toward the end, designed to chop and slice when in a fight against the Parliamentarians. The detailed handle–with its curved crossguard and spherical pommel–features a handpainted finish that looks like aged iron. The 10 cm grip is cast and painted to look like wood and is ergonomically shaped, with a loop attached to the crossguard for the index finger. This grip gives you more accuracy when wielding the Swashbuckler cutlass and looks incredibly realistic.

Stronghold weapons are foam weapons designed for tough combat at LARPs. They require no maintenance, unlike latex weapons, and feature detailed polyurethane handles.

This Stronghold blade is crafted using a unique Epic Foam that weighs the same as latex without requiring the constant upkeep. Additionally, the blade tip is stab-proof thanks to our new innovative construction. Lightweight and shaped with a realistic and cushioned edge, this weapon is designed to be safe–leaving your friends unbruised and unbroken!


  • Traditionally used with a trident dagger, pistol or a belaying pin
  • Commonly used as a naval weapon, it was designed to effectively slash enemies


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