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Let us speak plainly. You are one of the most intimidating warriors anyone has ever seen. When you stride up on your horse and join the fray of war, the soldiers part to give you room.

Perhaps it is simply the impressive armour you wear, your great sword secured on your back in a Sky Hook. Perhaps the air of legend around you is only due to inflated rumor. But, between us? You also have formidable skill, and for that your reputation is well founded.


Epic Armoury’s Sky Hook offers an alternate method of carrying your weapon, providing more support than a standard waist belt. Using full-grain brown leather, this specialized baldric is designed to strap around the torso, and is both durable and attractive. The leather straps are secured across the chest in an X-design, while the scabbard itself sits at a diagonal across the back. Slide your sword or large axe through the holder, resting its tip inside the chape and its crossguard (or axe head) inside the two hooks. This design allows for easy placement and removal of your weapon quickly, while also keeping the scabbard in place while you fight.

Almost any outfit will benefit from this clever weapon holder, especially if you desire an epic fantasy appearance. For those who are left-handed, the Sky Hook’s scabbard and belts can be untied and reversed so that your weapon will sit over your left shoulder instead of your right.

Available in Brown and Epic Black. One size fits all.


  • The likelihood that historical fighters wore weapons on their back is disputed amongst historians, but there are theories suggesting that larger weapons were sometimes worn on the back by the Celts
  • A popularized method of carrying weapons thanks to videogames and movies

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brun, noir


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