Robe “Astrid” azur/brun, rouge/brun S-XL


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You’ve been told that it’s not what’s on the outside that counts, but the inside. A beautiful lady in all her elegant skirts and jewelry is only as lovely as her personality. Despite her beauty, she could truly be a rotten core, putrid and a blemish on society.

As you consider yourself and your Azure/Brown Astrid Dress in the mirror, you know it is not the most beautiful garment or the most impressive–but it’s sturdy, it’s colorful, and it’s yours. And most important of all, it’s only the outside coverings for a warrior at heart.


Epic Armoury’s Azure/Brown Dress Astrid is a scandinavian inspired slip-on dress with long bell sleeves. The V-cut neckline, wrists, and skirt are trimmed with a contrasting brown ribbon. Made from durable, medium canvas cotton, this dress reaches from the shoulders to the ankles and has a comfortably wide blue and brown gusseted skirt to allow for easy movement.

The Dress Astrid is a great start to a special Stalwart costume. Pair it with the Shift Astrid and a belt for a complete period look, equally perfect for a shieldmaiden or merchant.

Available in sizes Small/Medium, Large/X-Large, and 2XL/3XL; and in colours Red/Brown, Dryad/Beige, and Azure/Brown.


  • Most peasants of the Middle Ages only owned two sets of clothing, which would be patched and mended for years
  • Also referred to as a “kirtle,” which is a garment worn over a chemise or smock
  • Popular garment worn by middle class women in the 1400-1600s
  • Gussets–the triangular piece of fabric added to the skirt–were traditionally used at the hems of chemises to shape the garment to the body

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azur/brun, rouge/brun




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