Crowl Altair – noir, brun foncé, vert


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Marque:Epic Armoury
Type: Hood 
Colour: Dark Brown 

Size: One-Size 
Front Lenght: 120
Hood Depth: 65
Hood Height: 28

Weight: 346 gram / 12.2 oz 
Material: Textured cotton

You have no claim to fortune or fame. No one knows your name. You are one of the many; the folks who scavenge on the street.

Clutching your worn Cowl Altair, you hide your face from the eyes of the well known. Their names alone are enough to bring terror to your timid heart. Maybe one day you will gather the courage to change your fate.


The Dark Brown Cowl Altair is a shawl and hood for the most skilled rogues. Reaching from the shoulders to the ankles and made from soft, dyed cotton, this cowl is a fantastic layer to add to your costume. Move around crowded cities easily thanks to the attached hood, or wear it nonchalantly around the shoulders. Designed to look mysterious and sleek, the cowl is cut and sewn to sit comfortably while maintaining its shape.

When you need to soar like an eagle, or become a blade in the crowd, the Altair Cowl is perfect for your subtle needs. Secure the Cowl Altair by draping it around your shoulders–add a pin to keep in place.


  • Style is inspired by the Assassin’s Creed video game series’ main characters
  • Designed to fit multiple time periods when paired with other products

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brun foncé, noir, vert


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