Chaîne Arc « Flatbow » M – 141cm


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UGS : HU703424 IF String – Flatbow – M – 141 cm 1 1 1 6.15 7.04 7.04 13.99 15.41 Catégories : ,


Your prey is almost within range, tentative as she catches a whiff of something in the air. You have covered yourself in the dirt of the forest and smell more like pine than person, but the deer still seems uncertain. She steps forward and you pull back the string on your loaded bow. This deer will feed you for the rest of the week, so you are careful as you take aim. You mustn’t miss your target if you are to eat.

With a sharp ‘thwap!’ your arrow hits its mark, clean and perfect. A painless end to a noble creature…and your dinner.


Epic Armoury’s Flatbow String is created to match our 141 cm Medium Larp Flatbow. This 152 cm string is a replacement in case of wear and tear on your original.


  • Used in cultures all over the world, predating recorded history
  • Modern reconstruction of a historical bow string

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Poids 9 g
Dimensions 140 cm


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