Capouche médiévale – blue, rouge foncé, beige, noir


Weight: 350 grams / 12,35 oz
Back Length: 28,0
Front Length: 18,0
Neck Width: 30,0
Hood Depth: 70,0
Hood Height: 35,0
Material 1: Wool Blend
Lining: Light cotton
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The snows have come, but despite the cold your village still depends on you to defend it from hungry raiders. The northern winters can be harsh, making men and women particularly desperate.

Thankfully, your Medieval Hood is secure and keeps you warm. You keep the hood over your head as you patrol the walls, pulling it close to keep away the biting wind. At least it is easy to spot incoming trouble against the pure white of snow. You’ll see anyone coming.


Epic Armoury’s Blue Medieval Hood is a hood with a mantle and long hood tail. The mantle covers the shoulders, keeping the upper chest warm while the hood protects the head and face from harsh wind. Made from felted, blended blue wool and lined on the inside with soft beige cotton, this hood is comfortable and solid. Decorative beige stitches line the hood and hem, embellishing and adding great detail to a practical product.

Put on this hood by simply slipping it over your head–it’s easy and cozy to wear. Hoods are great garments for rounding off your look, and the Medieval Hood is a stylish layer that fits a wide variety of character types.

Available in sizes Small/Medium and Large/X-Large; and colours Dark Red, Desert Beige, and Grey.


  • One of the oldest garments known to humanity
  • Common fashion in medieval Europe, especially with a hood
  • Hoods were a common garment worn by all social classes in a huge variety of forms and shapes

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beige, blue, noir, rouge foncé


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