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After a long day of hoisting the black flag, cutting down foppish dandies, and dodging man-o-wars, nothing is as soothing as throwing your black Pirate Boots upon the tavern table, ordering a drink and counting your pieces of eight. Your clothes may be slicked with blood, but your boots gleam with polish and the buckles shine.

The Pirate Boots didn’t always belong to you. They once fit the feet of your old captain, who liked flash more than he liked to feed his crew. The boots remind you to stay on your toes.


CP’s Black Pirate Boots are cavelier-inspired leather boots with soft, padding on the inside to keep its shape. These mid-calf boots have a large cuff below the knee which gives it a classic pirate look. Secure these boots using the hidden zipper along the inside of your leg, and adjust the fit using two straps and intricately decorated buckles across the foot and above the ankle.

Made from synthetic leather, a rubber outsole, and fabric padding lining, CP’s Pirate Boots are designed to complete your fantasy or historic costume without breaking your budget. The boots are measured in European sizes.


  • Considered a type of cavalier style boot, popular in Europe between 1500-1700
  • Popular amongst sailors and pirates for their rain and spray protection

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marron, noir


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