Couperet à viande – 36 cm


Core: Ø 6 mm Solid Fibreglass Rod
Weight: 50 grams / 1,76 oz
Length: 36,0
Grip Length: 16,5
Head Length: 10,5
Head Height: 21,0
Handle Circ: 11,0
Material 1: Soft EVA Foam
Material 2: Latex


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Zombies are coming. They are heading straight for your camp. As you scramble to escape, one of your fellow survivors gives you a funny look. The only weapon you could find to defend yourself was a Meat Cleaver.

Still, you’ve got a strong arm and a lot of determination. There is always a chance that you’ll find yourself alone against the undead, and you plan on giving those monsters a hard time if they plan on making you dinner. Then again, you recognize the irony in wielding a kitchen tool.


Dark Moon’s Meat Cleaver is an ideal companion for anyone looking to find their way around the post-apocalyptic world. Sculpted and handpainted to look like a realistic butcher knife, this latex weapon is 36 cm long with a 9 cm wide head and a 16 cm grip. The blade appears well used with several notches along the edge, and a ring on the spine for hanging the cleaver from a belt.

The Meat Cleaver has a large ergonomic handle with defined edges and three metal studs. The blade has a modern plastic-like look similar to a mid-range kitchen utensil. Made from durable closed cell foam around a fibreglass core and finished with a strong latex coating, you can feel confident that this LARP weapon will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your post-apocalyptic kit.


  • Largely used as a kitchen or butcher knife, intended for hacking through bone
  • Real cleavers have thicker edges to withstand repeated blows against hard surfaces


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