Capuche fourrure – beige, vert


Fittings: Leather Tie Strings
Size: Small / Medium
Weight: 560 grams / 19,75 oz
Back Length: 28,0
Front Length: 18,0
Neck Width: 30,0
Hood Depth: 70,0
Hood Height: 35,0
Material 1: Wool Blend
Material 2: Light cotton
UGS : ND Catégories : ,


The way the human children look at you, you would assume they have never seen an elf before. Granted, it isn’t often that you travel into cities. You prefer the tranquil sounds of the forest, away from the stench and chaos of busy human streets.

However, you have business with a certain wizard in town. So while your elven garb–decorated Fur Hood, tunic, and weapons–cause you to stand out amongst the crowd, you continue without raising a fuss. After all, they are only short-lived creatures. They don’t know any better than to stare.


Epic Armoury’s Fur Hood is an embroidered mantle with a long hood tail. The mantle covers the shoulders, keeping the upper chest warm while the hood protects the head and face from harsh wind. Elvish embroidery and polyester fur trim embellishes this hood, adding great detail to the felted wool. The inside is lined with soft, comfortable cotton.

Hoods are great garments for rounding off character looks, and the Fur Hood is a stylish garment that especially fits a roguish or elven character. Adjust the hood’s facial opening with flat split-leather cord lacing at the throat.

Available in sizes Small/Medium and Large/X-Large; and colours Dryad Green and Desert Beige.


  • One of the oldest garments known to humanity
  • Common fashion in medieval Europe, especially with a hood

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beige, vert


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